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Single Channel Video / 7.09 min, 2011

If we take Walter Benjamin's comment on Klee's Angelus Novus into consideration, we can say that the angel in focus is loaded with a spiritual enchantment. Angelus, meaning prayers for rebirth, is not only the name of the video, but it is also its essence.  After the rapidly flowing clouds on top of the old building, is the woman on the scene staring at her observers a messenger of a disaster or a miracle? Unknown. But it is like what she has been through in the past, brings her to a point of beginning. 


Angelus as a video art is comprised of four sections. Montaged from back to forth, this video art lays emphasize on analysis of humanity and traumatic process. The color red represents the experienced trauma, whereas the woman represents the human nature. Based on previous traumas describing life itself, male-female relationship has now been questioned. Red represents this elapse of time, which shows itself as the tension between the relationships. In this video, an inner past journey is aimed to be told.

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