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Single Channel Video / 5.02 min, 2013

Muzaffer Sheriff has conducted an experiment named “Robbers Cave Experiment” in 1954. In the experiment, two groups of children at the age of 11 were taken to Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma City.  The children were not aware of the experiment. Both of the groups were settled to different locations. In this experiment, which has a high importance in history of human psychology, both of the groups began to settle in a hierarchic position and be opponents against each other. Along with the duties and directing’s of Sheriff, the conflict between the groups started to increase unexpectedly. In order to prevent extra ordinary situations and make peace between the two experimental groups, the given duties were to ensure mutual duties. The most important result of the experience is that the humans can change in group psychology; they can be lead by groups. Therefore, this study can show us how easily we can be manipulated, in accordance with dual conflicts. In this context, in accordance with the form of mentality we put ourselves in; the study symbolizes the possible conflicts that can be carried out in regard of alienation and imposing the idea to the other.

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